Hedging & Mulching Equipment For Orchards

Maintaining the vitality of your orchard is a task of utmost importance, and two key practices, hedging and mowing, play a pivotal role in ensuring its health and productivity.

Hedging involves carefully trimming and shaping the trees to promote efficient sunlight penetration and air circulation. This helps every branch receive its fair share of sunlight, allowing your trees to thrive and produce an abundance of high-quality fruits. Moreover, well-pruned trees are less susceptible to diseases and pests, reducing the need for harmful pesticides.

Mowing keeps the orchard floor clean and free from weeds, tall grasses, and other debris that can compete with your trees for essential nutrients and water. A well-maintained orchard minimizes the risk of fungal diseases and provides a conducive environment for beneficial insects that aid in pollination.

In essence, proper hedging and regular mowing are essential practices for safeguarding your orchard’s longevity and maximizing its yield. By investing time and effort in these crucial tasks, you’re nurturing your trees and ensuring a healthy, productive orchard for years to come.

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Tools for Orchard Workers

Major Cyclone Slasher Mulcher – With Wheels

The MJ30-420DWW Cyclone has been designed especially for the macadamia industry.

The twin wing centrally mounted 4.2m Cyclone complete with rear wheels is the result of many farm visits, trials and listening to growers needs.

Macadamia growers were after a robust three point linkage, folding wing mulching slasher. Furthermore they needed rear castor wheels in lieu of rollers so they can mow and not press the valuable macadamias into the ground.

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Rhino Epic 4150 Side-Throw Flex-Wing Orchard Slasher

Everything we love about the 4150 series, with SideThrow!

The Rhino 4150 “Epic” series rotary cutters are a beast in the field easily handling brush up to 4” in diameter! Now with the side throw variant this slasher is a great option for maintaining orchards, directing the grass clippings easily and efficiently under the tree line. Many orchardists have proved that depositing grass clippings under the trees aids in moisture retention and establishment of good bacteria. This in turn can help in the health of the trees and thus increase the yield.

Other Suitable applications are clearing brush up to 100mm in diameter, Farm Use, Heavy-duty agricultural use, Pasture Maintenance.

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Hedging Equipment

The GreenTec QuadSaw is an orchardist’s essential tool, known for its robust design. With four independently rotating blades, it provides precise and efficient cutting for enhanced orchard appearance and tree health. Its durability allows it to handle tough vegetation and heavy usage, ensuring long-term reliability. Streamlining the hedging process, it reduces labor costs and enhances operational efficiency. Safety is a top priority, with built-in guards and shields. Beyond hedging, its versatility extends to clearing overgrowth and maintaining fence lines. Orchards benefit from its resilience, making it a dependable asset for efficient and long-lasting orchard maintenance.

Mowing Equipment

The GreenTec Barrier Mower revolutionizes orchard management. It efficiently tackles weed control, enhances air circulation, and enriches soil quality. This versatile tool reduces labor, saves time, and safeguards tree health with its precision. By converting cut vegetation into mulch, it suppresses weed growth and improves soil. Orchards benefit from healthier trees and increased productivity. Its adaptability suits various orchard layouts, making it indispensable for many orchard including apple, pear, citrus, and stone fruit. In summary, the GreenTec Barrier Mower is a game-changer, providing efficiency, tree protection, and versatility that significantly improves orchard maintenance and yields.

Mulching Equipment

The Nuibo Mulcher is a valuable asset in orchards, delivering a multitude of benefits. It efficiently converts pruned branches and vegetation into mulch, enhancing soil health and suppressing weed growth. This time-saving tool reduces labor costs, conserves moisture, and safeguards tree roots while contributing to improved fruit quality. Its adaptability suits various orchard layouts, making it a versatile and cost-effective investment. By promoting sustainability and environmentally friendly practices, the Nuibo Mulcher aligns with modern orchard management principles, ensuring long-term orchard health and productivity.