GreenTec Spider Series Reach Mower – Mow on both side of the tractor

Reach Mower

It is with great pleasure that we can introduce the latest innovative news from GreenTec: the Spider Reach Mower series!

A newly developed concept makes it possible to mow on both sides of the tractor and at the same time bring the cutting head forward into the driver’s field of vision.

The Spider is available in 4 sizes from 5.2 to 8.2 m (17’1” to 26’11”) divided into 6 models. The two smallest models, 520 and 620, are delivered either as front or rear mounted. The two largest models, 720 and 820, as rear mounted.

The working range of both the arm and the cutting head is 270°. This results in unparalleled flexibility, which makes it possible to move the cutting head in any position – right, left, front or back.

The Spider series has been awarded a gold medal in innovation at the Demopark fair in Eisenach, Germany (18-20 June, 2023).

Model Overview

Spider 520620720 and 820  reach mower can be delivered as reverse or rear mounted. The two smallest models, Spider 520 and 620, can also be delivered as front mounted, where they are mounted in a front lift or on a municipal plate. Both the side shift frame and the arm’s turning function are equipped with collision protection in both directions, which means that you can immediately drive both forwards and backwards. This is particularly an advantage for tractors with turning equipment.

Side shift frame

On the Spider, a side shift frame is mounted in the middle of the machine. The frame is continuously rotated hydraulically 180°, from right to left and vice versa.

The arm itself is mounted at the far end of the frame. The arm can turn 45° forward and 45° back. This makes it possible to get the cutting head forward into the driver’s natural field of vision without hitting the tractor’s cabin – both to the right and to the left.

Both functions are equipped with double-acting collision protection = safety in the event of obstacles!

The 7 advantages of the GreenTec Spider Reach Mower

1. Efficiency and energy saving:

The spider can work on both sides of the tractor. This avoids idle runs, which is often necessary with normal machines. The switch itself, from the right side to the left side or vice versa, takes place in a few seconds.

2. Flexibility:

Because the Spider can also work on the opposite side, it is suitable for use when mowing motorways or other dual carriageways. In this way, both the verge itself and the middle verge are cut with the same machine.

3. Safety at work:

The driver always has the cutting head in his natural field of vision, without having to twist his body or head. Especially with professional all-day use, which is often necessary for weeks, unnecessary health problems for the driver are avoided.

4. Faster and safer mounting:

Spider is mounted on the tractor using GreenTec’s patented 4-point mounting. The mounting takes place in a few minutes and is 100% stable in relation to the tractor. The main frame has forklift pockets for easy handling.

5. Rotor Flex:

The double swivel joint ensures that the cutting head can always be positioned optimally in the driver’s field of vision. The horizontal swivel joint with a 270-degree rotation range allows the head to be positioned in the direction of travel, and the vertical swivel joint provides mowing angle and floating position.

6. Hybrid arm system:

The spider’s arm can be operated both with and without parallel guidance. This provides easier operation and greater flexibility. Automatic height control, AHC, is offered as an option, which relieves the driver and reduces maintenance costs.

7. Attachment tools:

GreenTec offers a very wide selection of work tools that make the machine usable both in summer and winter.


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