CASE STUDY: Why Enviro Culture Services Choose Major

“There’s so many opportunities for the tanker, anywhere from mining to commercial landscaping to environmental companies.” Says Shannon.



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DTE Equipment, new machinery supplier located at Toowoomba QLD. Specializing in Horticulture, Hydroseeding & Vegetation Management Equipment. DTE Equipment is well supported by various brands to assist us in offering a quality range of relevant equipment and attachments. Backed by over 15 years experience in the horticulture and earthmoving industry, we are a trusted source of advice and quality products amongst our current client base.

Brands we are work with include; Turbo Turf, Tow and Blow, Hydralada, FMR Group Fieldquip, Greentec, Hardi, Major, Kerfab, Intermercato, Trans Tank International, and Mccormack Industries.


Canopy Management Attachments

Selectively pruning, thinning & hedging in orchards is crucial in maintaining healthy & easy to manage trees. Without canopy management, yield and fruit quality will deteriorate and trees become more physically difficult to spray and harvest. The main aim of canopy management is to: keep trees to a practical sizeallow sunlight into the canopy to…

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MOW-Vember Promotion

For the month of November, DTE Equipment have put together an awesome Slasher Promotion. Spend $5000 or more on mowing/slashing equipment and redeem your Free Gasmate Voyager BBQ!! PLUS for every Slasher sold we will DONATE $100 to the Movember Foundation to support men’s health. Call 07 4697 1076 to place an order and redeem your Gasmate BBQ!

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