Spearhead Multicut 620 Flex Wing Slashers

Spearhead Multicut 620 Flex Wing Slashers

The extra output Multicut 620 folding wing mower sets the standards in cutting performance with a total of 15 heavy duty cutting blades as standard ensuring the finest chop in fine grasses through to light scrub.

The evenness of spread from the five rotors is unrivalled leaving a clean finish and high output unmatched by competitive three rotor machines of the same width.

With a six gearbox driveline, each with slip clutch protection, the power is evenly spread to deliver exceptional reliability and durability. The high output 6.2 metre cutting width enables over 6 hectares per hour to be cleared and the compact 2.8 metre transport width ensures that transport between sites is safe and efficient.

  • 6.2 metre cutting width
  • 90hp minimum tractor power requirement
  • Heavy duty 250 hp input gearbox
  • Heavy duty 116 hp and 111 hp rotor gearboxes
  • Slip clutch protection
  • 8 pneumatic rear wheels
  • Anti-scalp rotor protection dishes
  • 15 x heavy duty cutting blades (3 per rotor)
  • Floating wings
  • Rear lighting kit
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Product Specifications


ModelWorking WidthWeightHP (Min.)Rotors
Multicut 6206.2m (20’4″)2850 kg905