300h Compact – Horticulture Series – Hydralada

300h Compact – Horticulture Series – Hydralada

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Compact, manoeuvrable and highly productive

Hydralada’s patented foot drive controls make the 300h Compact extremely versatile and nimble. The independent wheel drive allows the machine to turn on the spot in very tight spaces and it very quickly becomes an extension of the operator. With a 3.00m platform lift height, the machine has up to 5.00m working height, ideal for most pip and stone fruit orchards.

Boom pivot located forward for low tail height

Sleek round bonnets and low chassis design make the 300h very compact. It easily manoeuvres in and amongst trees without damaging branches or fruit.

Hands free operation for productivity in the orchard

Includes three pedals in the floor of the platform. The centre pedal operates the lift and the two outside pedals operate the respective drive wheels.

Manoeuvrable with on the spot turning

Drive one wheel forward and the opposite wheel reverse and the machine turns on a dime. This makes it extremely nimble and sets Hydralada apart from others tyoes of elevating work platforms.

Customise your 300h Compact

Picking Bag

This bag mounts to the front of the Hydralada platform with a 54kg capacity. The steel case is lined with foam and includes a PVC liner which is divided into three compartments. Field trials have proved this system to be the most effective form of picking fruit without bruising.

Free Wheel Hubs

Free Wheel Hubs allow the drive wheels to be disengaged and the machine can be towed on its own wheels at low speed (Max. 30kph) behind a vehicle. In NZ no registration is required to tow the machine on the highway. Includes heavy duty ball hitch drawbar.

Hydrafork Bin Shifter

A popular option on apple orchards for shifting a full bin of fruit independent to a tractor forklift. The operator can keep the bin in close vicinity to the picking, and once full the bin can be turned within the row and left for the tractor forklift to collect.

Auxiliary Oil Outlets

Auxiliary oil outlets in the platform to connect hydraulic pruning tools, Hydraloppa Pruners and Hydraulic Chainsaws. This takes the hard work out of pruning and dramatically speeds up the job.

Tandem Four Wheel Drive

Where stability and traction is a problem, the Tandem Four Wheel Drive option is the answer. Four driving wheels mounted on a heavy duty walking beam means there is virtually nowhere you can’t drive this machine. This optioin includes Hydrabrake.

Hydrabrake System

This is a failsafe fully automatic park brake system. As soon as the machine is stationary the brake applies and quickly releases once the drive is engaged. Ideal for sloping orchards.