640h MAXI – Mango Series – Hydralada

640h MAXI – Mango Series – Hydralada

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Special edition with on-board wash system

Includes two 200-litre solution tanks and pump that delivers mango wash through the spray nozzles mounted at the top of the picking bag. This flows constantly over the mangos as they pass through the picking bag, washing the sap from the skin and eliminating any blemish occurring on the fruit.

Free flow mango wash keeps fruit clean

Our wash system makes this the most efficient way to harvest. Monitor fruit quality and quantity accurately. Each picker is accountable per machine.

Fruit bins easily moved around orchard

The Hydrafork bin shifting attachment allows the operator to shift bins independent to a tractor fork lift, saving time and increasing productivity.

Higher boom pivot improves stability

The shallow boom angle improves the reach into the tree and increases the overall stability of the machine.

Tandem Four Wheel Drive

Increase overall stability and improve traction on rough, uneven and sloping terrain. With four powerful high torque hydraulic motors, the driving wheels are mounted on an oscillating beam, which also acts like suspension for a smoother ride

Larger Drive Wheel Equipment

Larger 29 x 12.50 x 15 heavy duty drive wheels improve the machine’s drive performance on uneven terrain. Also adds more ballast with larger water filled tyres.

Hand Control

When hand controls are preferred to the standard three pedals a simple Tiller Lever system located in the operator’s platform is an option. Two handle bars and two tiller levers (one for each drive wheel) makes this very safe and smooth to operate.

Twin Castor Rear Axle

This option offers more stability than the standard single castor rear wheel. The Twin castor option is often included with Tandem four wheel drive making for a truly versatile machine when operating on sloping property.

Hydraulic Chainsaw

Definitely the safest and most efficient way of chainsawing from an elevated work platform. Quiet trigger start/stop, no dangerous pull starting, no refuelling, lightweight and powerful. Available in either pistol grip or pole configuration.

Hydraulic Slew Platform

The operator can slew the platform 45 degrees left or right of centre without moving the chassis of the machine on the ground. A lever located in the front of the platform activates a hydraulic ram that significantly increases the working envelope.