Greentec Spider 720 PLUS Reach Mower

Greentec Spider 720 PLUS Reach Mower

Our Spider 720 PLUS is a professional boom mower used by municipalities, agricultural contractors, forest workers and landscapers. A large selection of tools can be attached to the Spider boom mower for roadside maintenance, hedge cutting and tree trimming.

The Spider 720 PLUS is a highly flexible solution. You can easily change the position of the arm from either working in the right or left side of the road. The arm can be extended forward so the attachment tool is always visible to the driver. The Spider 720 PLUS can be rear mounted on large tractors with a weight of at least 7,000 kg (15,432 lb).

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Powerful Features:

  • 270° arm movement – Mow on both sides of the tractor
  • Rotor Flex and Auto Flex – Gives the driver a better view to the attachment tool
  • Hybrid arm system – Control the arm with or without parallel motion

Under the hood

  • Hybrid arm system – Control the arm with or without parallel motion
  • Rotor Flex – 270° turn of cutting head and 180° cutting angle
  • Danfoss joystick – 4 proportional functions
  • Air stream control – Effective oil cooling
  • LED lights – Visible from a long distance
  • Flexibility – 270° hydraulic turn of the arm
  • Strenx 700 steel – One of the most durable steel types in the world
  • Hydraulic system – Danfoss 60 ccm piston pump

Equipment Overview

(Standard) Side shift frame for right or left driving
(Standard) Hybrid Arm System with dual function
(Standard) Strenx 700 steel construction
(Standard) 270° hydraulic turn of the arm with power control
(Standard) Rotor Flex, double pivot joint (270° turn of cutting head and 180° cutting angle)
(Standard) Auto Flex, automatic vertical positioning
(Standard) Danfoss proportional valve PVG 32/16
(Standard) Danfoss joystick with 4 proportional functions
(Standard) 2 oil flows: 85 and 50 l /min (22.45 and 13.21 gpm)
(Standard) Hydraulic float of arm and cutting angle
(Standard) Oil cooler
(Standard) Air Stream Control (effective oil cooling)
(Standard) 220 l (58.12 gallons) oil tank capacity
(Standard) 4-point mounting for cat. 2 or 3
(Standard) PTO 500-750 rpm
(Standard) Transport safety
(Standard) LED lights
(Optional) Auto Height Control (for verge mowing)*
(Optional) Quick release, hydraulic
(Optional) Quick release, mechanical
(Optional) Hose kit, 4 pieces
(Optional) K80 ball hitch for 4-point mounting**
(Optional) Leaf Blower LG attached to boom mower
(Optional) Bio oil

* Cannot be retrofitted
** Requires K80 on the tractor at top bar height


Horizontal reach7.2 m (23'7")
Vertical reach7.1 m (23'4")
Transport width2.4 m (7'10")
PumpDanfoss 60 ccm piston pump
Hydraulic system125 l/min @ 315 bar (33.02 gpm @ 4569 psi)
Weight without tools2,355 kg (5,192 lb)
Minimum size of tractor7,000 kg (15,432 lb)