SB-10h SLEW BOOM – Horticulture Series – Hydralada

SB-10h SLEW BOOM – Horticulture Series – Hydralada

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Extreme height and reach

The SB-10h SLEW BOOM machine gives even more lift with up to 12.00m working height. Dynamic self levelling maintains the chassis to within four degrees when working on uneven sloping ground. The articulated slew boom adds to the machine’s versatility and the powerful diesel powered hydraulic four wheel drive makes this a truly all terrain platform. Excellent lift height, and excellent reach.

Inbuilt safety system

Inbuilt, state-of-the-art safety system automatically levels the chassis and monitors slopes, ensuring optimum stability on steep terrain.

340 degree slew with articulated boom

Boom turns on a turret with no need to move the chassis for access. Increases working area and allows machine to reach otherwise unobtainable places.

Traction and stability

Powered by 45hp Perkins diesel engine, smooth hydrostatic four wheel drive manoeuvres over humps and hollows, and climbs hills without hesitation.

Customise your SB-10h SLEW BOOM

Picking Bag

Bag quick taches to front of operator platform and is designed to handle fruit without bruising. Fruit passes through three compartments then empties into field bin. Trials show it has the best results, delivering high quality fruit to the pack house.

Platform Padding Surround

For optimum operator comfort, the Platform Padding Surround is a closed cell foam body support fitted around the top rail.

Platform Cover

Weather proof PVC platform cover which fits over the platform and picking bag attachment to protect the machine’s controls.