Greentec Multi Carrier HXF 2802 Tele

Greentec Multi Carrier HXF 2802 Tele

Our Multi Carrier HXF 2802 Tele offers great flexibility as you can adjust the arm to the terrain. It is an ideal solution for working in conditions with limited space, such as forest tracks, bike paths and orchards.

The Multi Carrier HXF 2802 Tele can be installed on front end loaders and large skid steer loaders in a few minutes. A large selection of tools for hedge cutting and tree trimming is available. It is also possible to mount a barrier mower or weed brush on the frame.

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Powerful Features:

  • Automatic break-back system – Protects the machine from overloading when cutting large material
  • High safety – Control the machine from the cabin of your vehicle. No risk of branches falling on your vehicle
  • Fast and easy installation – Utilize your vehicle throughout the season and switch quickly between tools

Under the hood

  • Hydraulic cutting angle control – Change cutting angle on the go
  • Oil flow divider – Longer life for the oil engine
  • Automatic break-back system – The arm goes backwards if too much pressure is applied from the cutting objective
  • Counterweights – Stabilize the weight between the HXF 2802 Tele and your vehicle
  • Flexible arm – Increase or decrease the working width of the arm
  • Right and left versions – The HXF 2802 Tele is available in right and left versions
  • Anti-cavitation valve – Minimize the risk of cavitation damage in connection with insufficient inlet pressure
  • Mounting brackets – Wide variety of solutions for tractors, loaders and excavators

Equipment Overview

(Standard) Hydraulic angle control incl. e-control of all functions*
(Standard) Hydraulic switch from working to transport position
(Standard) Automatic Hydraulic Break-back with pre-pressure
(Standard) Oil flow divider
(Standard) Anti-cavitation valve
(Standard) Pressure relief valve
(Standard) 1.5 m (4’11”) hose kit for attachment tool
(Standard) Euro brackets or universal plate
(Optional) Counterweights, 67kg (148 lb)
(Optional) 8.5 m (27’11”) hose kit (from front loader to tractor rear) – 3 pcs.
(Optional) Other bracket types

*When you buy the hydraulic angle control and the e-control with an oil flow divider, you only need one additional DA connection (and a zero-pressure tank drain where it is required).


Reach from center of vehicle to end of tool1.4-2.2 m (4'7"-7'3")
Transport width2.4 m (7'11")
Required hydraulic connections1 x double acting + 1 x drain
Standard oil flow40 l/min @ 180 bar (10.6 gpm @ 2611 psi)
Alternative oil flow25 l/min @ 180 bar (6.6 gpm @ 2611 psi)
Weight without brackets175 kg (386 lb)