750i MAXI – Industrial Series – Hydralada

750i MAXI – Industrial Series – Hydralada

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Height with added reach for versatility

The 750h MAXI with telescopic boom gives that extra lift height while remaining compact in chassis size. Fitted with Tandem Four Wheel Drive for added stability and traction, this is an excellent model for access in more confined areas. The overall size of the machine is similar to the 640h MAXI, but with the extra reach afforded by the extendable boom.
Operate simultaneously with other functions

Telescopic boom adds versatility by extending and retracting the platform independent to the chassis. Features slewing head to increase working envelope.

Increases the working envelope

Hydraulic Slew enables the platform to be positioned 45 degrees either side of centre, allowing the operator to reach difficult to access areas.

Easy to use and well protected

Standard with three pedal foot controls for drive, lift and lower. Telescope, slew and auxiliary oil outlet controls located on platform dashboard.

Customise your 750i MAXI

Tandem Four Wheel Drive

Increases machine’s overall stability and improves traction on rough, uneven and unprepared building sites. Includes four powerful high-torque hydraulic motors and driving wheels are mounted to an oscillating beam for suspension and a smoother ride.

Free Wheeling Hubs

Enables the drive wheels to be disengaged and the machine becomes towable behind a vehicle at a maximum speed of 30kph. Comes with heavy duty towing frame. Ideal for transporting the machine from one site to another without a trailer or truck.

Hand Control

When hand controls are preferred to the standard three pedal foot control. Includes a simple tiller lever system in the front rail of operator’s platform. Two handle bars and two tiller levers (one for each drive wheel) for safety and smooth operation.