• FMR ERO ‘ProCut’ Vine Trimmer

    The new ERO Procut Vine Trimmer's uniquely shaped cutter blades are manufactured from high grade stainless steel for clean cutting at high speeds, with the cutterboard being fully sealed against dirt and debris. Easily set up and adjusted to suit your specific needs, the 'Comfort' joystick allows smooth, light-touch action and has a split control box to aid positioning in the cab. The ERO ProCut offers configurations for all vineyards, whether small scale or large.

  • FMR ERO ‘Profi’ Vine Trimmer

    The 'Profi' is the flagship of the ERO Vine Trimmer range, offering excellent efficiency and perfectly suited to large vineyards. The twin hydraulic masts enable the operator to adjust the height, width and angle of each trimming side independently; making the machine adaptable to a range of vineyard environments.

  • FMR ERO ‘View’ Vine Trimmer

    The new ‘View’ vine trimmer is a perfect example of ERO's customer driven approach. It has been developed in response to requests from the market for increased visibility and a lower centre of gravity plus the need to operate on terraced or undulating terrain.

  • FMR ERO ‘VSL HD’ Barrel Prunners

    ERO BARREL PRUNERS: 'VSL HD' Robust enough to handle large vineyards, rough terrain and an intensive work rate, the VSL HD Barrel Pruner was developed in conjunction with our partner ERO specifically to meet the demands of Australian viticulturalists. Fully customisable to suit your specific vineyard pruning requirements, the VSL HD has a host of features that make vineyard pruning quicker and easier for FMR Group clients. ERO Barrel Pruner benefits Quality finish, rapid work rate, simple and easy to use, designed for longevity & reliability, The VSL HD Barrel Pruner is capable of spur pruning or complete box pruning - and in a single pass!

  • FMR ERO Barrel Puner ‘ VSL’

    BARREL PRUNER 'VSL' German engineered Vineyard Pruner. ERO Barrel Pruners from FMR Group are designed to meet the requirements of Australian vineyards of all types and styles. Suitable for either spur-pruning or canopy 'topping', ERO Vineyard Barrel Pruners have a host of innovative control features, making the job quicker and easier for our clients. Your benefits Quality finish, rapid work rate, simple and easy to use, designed for longevity & reliability.

  • FMR ERO VITECO Cane Pruner

    ERO VITECO CANE PRUNER German Engineered Vineyard Pruner. The ERO VITECO Cane Pruner from FMR Group is designed to meet the requirements of Australian vineyards of all types and styles. The Viteco raises the movable lifting wire and fruiting wires on the machine side of the trellis, and guides them to the mulcher-head. All canes and material that was attached to the wires by tendrils and ties, is shredded as it passes through the mulcher and spread in the vineyard. With a host of innovative control features, the Viteco makes the arduous job of pruning quicker and easier, and saves the need for a second pass to mulch. Your benefits Maximum lift height of 2m, especially suited to high cordons, prunes and mulches in one pass, for maximum efficiency, simple to install on existing ERO tractor bracket, designed for longevity & reliability.

  • FMR ERO VITIpulse Defoliator

    The new ‘VITIpulse’ is one of the latest developments from ERO, Germany's leading manufacturer of specialist viticulture machinery. ERO have led the market for many years with their Roller defoliator and, following a recent acquisition, can now offer a proven ‘airblast’ defoliator system with the benefits that ERO customers already enjoy - innovative and high-quality German design and manufacturing with reliable parts and service support. With the VITIpulse ERO offers a ‘best of both worlds’ solution that allows our customers to utilise a combination of Airblast and Roller Defoliation technology during the season to achieve optimum canopy management results. The VITIpulse is used at early stages to remove debris and ‘clean’ the canopy and remove inner leaf material from bunch zone. As berries develop and become susceptible to damage from high speed particles and debris propelled by the airblast system, switching to the roller system, which uses a suction fan and counter rotating rollers, provides gentle but effective leaf removal whilst minimising fruit damage. The VITIpulse offers a range of mounting configurations, with both 2 and 4-head systems for tractor or harvester mounted options available.

  • Greentec HXF Multi Carrier

    The GreenTec Multi Carrier series is a flexible mounting solution with a world of attachment tools available. Designed for orchard management, hedge cutting, mowing under fences and weed clearance. Skid steer loaders, compact tractors, front end loaders, telehandlers, excavators, diggers, and other types of loaders can all carry a Multi Carrier HXF boom arm. The only requirement is that the vehicle can deliver between 25-50 litres of oil per minute, depending on the size of the Multi Carrier and attachment tool. Simply couple this tool with a Greentec Quadsaw for an efficient & powerful pruning device. Or request a quote now.

  • Greentec LRS Quadsaw

    The Greentec LRS Series Quadsaws are a very robust and efficient tool for maintaining orchards, windbreaks & vegetation both in the agriculture/forestry and residential sectors. Whether you are contracting, farming or managing a council fleet, the cutting speed and attach-and-go convenience of the Quadsaw will add value to your operation. There’s a model for everyone from the compact LRS 1402 (1.4m) Quadsaw designed for Skid steers, compact tractors and small front-end-loaders, to the range topping LRS 4802 4.8 metre excavator mounted saw. These saws have a large cutting capacity ranging from 100mm on LRS 1402 to 210mm on the LRS 2401, 4002 & 4802. They offer a far superior travel speed at 5kph than the likes of a cutter bar while still achieving a perfect finish in both think and thin branches. Fitted with carbide tipped blade these machines are built for long life and minimal maintenance. For more detailed information, product specifications & brochures, please contact a product specialist today on 07 4697 1076 Or request a quote now.

  • Rotech – Rigid Mount Rotators – Intermercato

    KEY FEATURES • Fast operation • Endless rotation • High torque • Steel flange for incresed durability • Ultra compact design • High pressure construction • Forged drive shafts & large tapered roller bearings resist high axial & radial loading.

  • Rotech – Worm Drive Rotator – Intermercato

    KEY FEATURES Holds load steady at any angle Steel gears High pressure construction Endless rotation optional High torque Optimized positioning performance Steel flange for increased durability Ultra-compact

  • Tiger Grip – Five Finger Grapple – Intermercato

    KEY FEATURES Mount horizontal for poles or inline Heavy duty double guide bars Optimized roll in/roll out for logs & bunching High pressure cylinder with double piston rod seals HARDOX High tensile wear resistant steel (400 HB) Extra reinforced body for rigid mounting - Excavator design Optional rotator

  • TigerCut – Selective Pruning Shear – Intermercato

    KEY FEATURES • Heavy duty • Special alu-bronze-graphite bushing • HARDOX High tensile wear resistant steel (400 HB) • Choose your rotator – Worm Drive for accuracy or RMR for speed • Extra reinforced body for rigid mounting - Excavator design • Harvesting shear also available