• Hardi Mercury Mistblower

    HARDI MERCURY is a premier mistblower with a sophisticated range of features and extra options, plus substantial capacity for larger orchard and vineyard operations.Available with a 2000, 2300, 3000 or 4000 litre polyethylene tank, MERCURY can be configured with a number of powerful axial or turbine fan options for efficiently directing spray into standing trees, or in and around full vine and tree canopies. The mistblower also features a 320 l/min HARDI 464 diaphragm pump, heavy duty gearbox, centrifugal clutch and precision high pressure fluid control system. The result is a high capacity, high performance mistblower that is efficient, effective and very robust.

  • Hardi Zaturn Mistblower

    ZATURN mistblowers have been designed to provide capacity and power for growers who don’t need the flexible options and sophistication of the Mercury range.Available with tank capacities from 1,000 to 3,000 litres, ZATURN can be configured with a range of air kits and spray systems to suit most crops and conditions.The entire system is designed around a robust HARDI diaphragm pump that is specially designed for agrichemical application. Grease lubricated, the pump is simple to maintain and can be run dry without damage.

  • Hardi Zebra Mistblower

    The Zebra family of mistblowers offers the convenience of a linkage mounted sprayer with the power of a trailed machine. These compact and efficient mistblowers are available with a 400, 600 or 1,000 litre tank, and a range of fan and turbine choices. With a choice of HARDI air kits, from deflectors to directional nozzles, ZEBRA can be configured to suit almost any type of crop.