Tow and Blow Frost Fan

The Tow and Blow Frost Fan is the ultimate solution to combat frost in your vineyard, orchard or crop. With the wind machines portability, it can be relocated quickly to protect different areas of your crop and adjusted to suit prevailing winds, and best positioned within the terrain for maximum protection. As this machine is portable, no council approval is required nor are any foundations needed. Due to the Tow and Blow’s narrow wheel base the machine can be positioned between the rows of your crop, eliminating the need to remove any vines or trees to allow for this protection.

The Tow and Blow is unprecedented in the frost protection market protecting vineyards and orchards, with results showing that the machine operates at half the noise level of any other wind machine in the world. It is difficult to hear at 300 metres, hence reducing any interference with neighbouring properties.

The Tow and Blow is more efficient than conventional methods in the horticultural and vinicultural industries, using only 5 litres of diesel per hour. Auto start/stop is a standard feature on these frost protection machines, further enhancing efficiencies.

With the Tow and Blow’s adjustable fan head, the impeller can be angled, making this machine well suited to valleys or hills. The entire fan head oscillates horizontally exponentially increasing the area that this machine protects.

” I grow early season stone fruit west of Stanthorpe. Our varieties flower in late July and our location can experience frost up to the end of September. This risk was rammed home on 21 August 2018 when a sharp temperature fall just before dawn caused an estimated $150,000 damage. Climate trend predictions suggest later and more severe frosts will become more frequent and this is a risk we were unwilling to take any further. In July 2019 we took delivery of 2x new Tow n Blows. Already we have seen a 2degC lift in temperature on a comparable morning, relative to the -4degC frost event in 2018. In my opinion the Tow & Blow are the most cost effective frost mitigation on the market. The sales, and after sales service delivered by DTE Equipment was very satisfactory and I would recommend them highly.Angus Ferrier, Rosemary Hill Orchards

During the summer months the Tow and Blow can be put to good use, being perfectly suited for general ventilation and cooling applications in abattoirs and protecting crops against excessive heat burning plants. Other applications include drying fruit pre-harvest and before pruning.

Tow & Blow Frost Fans are very popular in most vineyards and sub-tropical orchards including avocado, mandarin, lime and stone fruit orchards. 

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