The All New Rapid Spray Scout

With the growing trend for UTVs to be used in place of quads on-farm, many farmers have been asking for a compact remote reel sprayer that doesn’t sacrifice capacity or performance

Blending a passion for farming and innovation, Rapid Spray’s core values have always been to improve and make the lives of farmers easier.

The company was founded in the early 1990s by Michael Firth, who merged his engineering expertise and love of farming and created the first poly trough, having a firm belief in the benefits that poly has for farmers.

As the business grew steadily and the applications for poly increased, the first poly tanks were manufactured, proving their durability again and again over the years. With the benefits and resilience of poly becoming clearer, this opened the door to a whole new range of products which could assist the farmer.

Relaunching in 2003 in Singleton, NSW, Rapid Spray now boasts an extensive range from compact, versatile spot spraying units for small jobs, to medium-sized boom sprayers for those bigger fields, liquid cartage tanks, high-pressure wash cleaning units, the largest diesel refuelling tank range in Australia and fire-fighting equipment. A driving passion to make the lives of farmers better and more efficient is still the force behind Rapid Spray, with constant investment in innovation and customer support.

In 2006, Rapid Spray invented the first modular water tank in the world, connecting any number of 2,000-litre compartments to create any size tank you wish. In 2007, the company introduced the Ball Baffle to the water cartage market – the only liquid baffle system that has been independently tested and verified by LoadSafe Australia.

The Buddy Smart Reel, an auto reel with direct-drive motor, was introduced into the market in 2014 and revolutionised the spray market with the MyPace remote allowing for a customised walking pace.

Rapid Spray’s latest invention, the Scout model range, is the product of many years of listening to feedback on the changing needs of the market and finding out what would truly make customers lives easier. A turning point in UTV spraying, the SprayScout has been designed to be the best on the market for a compact, versatile UTV spray unit that maximises use of these important new farm machines.

Rapid Spray research and development manager James Sargeant says: “With the growing trend for UTVs to be used in place of quads on-farm, many farmers have been asking us for a compact remote reel sprayer that doesn’t sacrifice on tank capacity or pump performance. After two-and-a-half years of development and testing, we are pleased to be able to deliver.”

With the UTV in mind, the SprayScout 360L has been especially designed to hold a large amount of liquid but stay compact in dimensions to fit perfectly into the back of a UTV.

The SprayScout 600L was designed with the dual-cab ute firmly in sight, featuring compact dimensions to fit within the wheel arches of a standard ute back but without sacrificing any capacity compared with a traditional tray-mounted unit. With multiple pump options and twin- or single-hose reel options, the SprayScout cannot be passed over.

Farmers will appreciate having had their common concerns heard with large easy-to-use tie down locations, fully enclosed forklift pockets to prevent loading accidents, all components galvanised prior to powder coating to prevent rust and a fully draining sump tank with large accessible filter and 32mm drain valve for easy cleaning.

Launched at the same time is the PressureScout and the FireScout. The PressureScout has been especially designed to offer a complete pressure-wash solution including water for those hard-to-get-to places and jobs such as on-farm biosecurity and equipment washdown in the field. With the multiple pump options and single- or dual-hose reel configurations, the PressureScout will not be looked over.

The FireScout is a great compact solution for back burning, stubble burning and general water supply in remote areas. Featuring the same great design as the SprayScout, but with a 490L/min high-volume Aussie FireChief pump and 36M of 19mm fire hose with adjustable nozzle, the FireScout makes portable fire prevention and containment easy.

“Dual-cab utes are very much part of the Australian landscape. Now you have the choice of 360 or 600L in a compact but fully featured machine without having to worry about how it’s going to fit,” Rapid Spray sales manager Russell Firth says.

Rapid Spray strives to bring to the agricultural and industrial markets a range of tried and proven, Australian-designed and manufactured products that are built to perform better in the field every day.