TigerCut – Selective Pruning Shear – Intermercato

TigerCut – Selective Pruning Shear – Intermercato

• Heavy duty
• Special alu-bronze-graphite bushing
• HARDOX High tensile wear resistant
steel (400 HB)
• Choose your rotator – Worm Drive
for accuracy or RMR for speed
• Extra reinforced body for rigid
mounting – Excavator design
• Harvesting shear also available


Intermercato’s TigerCut selective pruning shear are built tough for selectively pruning, thinning and maintaining avocado and macadamia orchards.

The simple robust fixed knife design has a minimum of moving parts to ensure a long life with little maintenance. The reinforced grapple body is equipped with massive rams to develop huge biting forces.

Aussie versions have upgraded double bevel blades engineered from Swedish 450 grade hardox. The blade can also be unbolted to allow full use of the grab as an accumulating grapple, doubling its effectiveness on the job site (ER Model).

Tiger Cut selective pruning shear are suited to all-purpose thinning, pruning, trimming, limbing and harvesting. Ideally suited to selective limb removal on avocado and macadamia trees

Three Tigercut Models:

  • Tigercut 210 model – designed for up to 210mm diameter material. The smallest shear with a lighter weight allowing your mini excavator to maintain its capacity. Designed for selective thinning, pruning and trimming.
  • Tigercut 250 model – designed for up to 250mm diameter wood. It has a huge 74kN of crushing force. This is often the favourite of the avocado and macadamia farms for selective limb removal.
  • Tigercut 300 model – the largest shear for use on excavators 10-20 tonnes. A massive 120kN of grapple force and opening width of 1400mm. Ideal for land clearing, energy extraction, coppicing and thinning. ER model designed for delimbing, selective thinning and rehandling.

Built tough by Intermercato

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Excavator Shear 250ER Selective Limb Removal

Additional information


210 ER, 250 ER, 300 ER


210, 340, 770

Hydraulic Pressure

250 Bar, 250 Bar, 300 Bar

Hydraulic Flow

50 lpm, 70 lpm, 70-100 lpm

Cutting Force

53 KN, 74 KN, 120 KN

Excavator Size

3-8t, 8-15t, 12-30t