Rotech – Rigid Mount Rotators – Intermercato

Rotech – Rigid Mount Rotators – Intermercato

• Fast operation
• Endless rotation
• High torque
• Steel flange for incresed
• Ultra compact design
• High pressure
• Forged drive shafts & large
tapered roller bearings resist
high axial & radial loading.


Intermercato’s line up of heavy duty rigid mount rotators are sourced from factories located in Sweden, Austria and Germany depending on the application.

A rigid mount rotator allows the operator to rotate the grab into exactly the right position for loading beams onto trucks, grabbing upright trees, stacking, positioning rocks, fence post work, sorting materials quickly at waste disposal sites and more.

The rotator and grab must be extremely strong when rigid mounted to cope with the sheer and thrust forces of the excavator. A pendulum rotator and grab is cheaper in comparison as the swinging action takes pressure off the unit.

Rigid mount rotators suits machines from 2-40 tonne operating weight.

Plumbing options: mount 6 port solenoid with switch wired back into the cabin, two sets of hammer piping or replumbing the pusher bar.

Intermercato Heavy Duty Gerotor Rotators – RMR series, suits excavators of 2-16 tonne operating weight.

RMR series use G-rotor technology to create a compact, high side load withstanding rotator. The axial and radial loading is due to the tapered roller bearing of the dual mounted, forged drive shaft. Designed for high operating pressures of 320 bar.

Fast operating speeds but not designed to hold vertical items steady (such as poles). See geared worm drive rotators for holding items steady in any plane.

RMR are also used as positioning rotators in special applications when pendulum mounted.