MAJOR HYDROSEEDER – 2200 to 4000 Gallons

MAJOR HYDROSEEDER – 2200 to 4000 Gallons

1150 – 4000 Gallon Capacity

Customizable Design

Full Length Agitation Augers

Powerful Drivelines

Painted Or Galvanised Finishers




Major Equipment are renowned for their robust, powerful and efficient industrial and agricultural equipment. Since 2010 Major Equipment began specialising in building custom Industrial Major hydroseeder and dust suppression units with their great knowledge and experience from manufacturing slurry tankers.

These Industrial hydroseeders & dust suppressors can be built as either skid mount or trailed depending on your requirements. They are available in sizes ranging from 1150 to 4000 Gallons, to suit every contactor who’s serious about hydroseeding. Major Equipment is committed to equipping these units with powerful diesel drivelines, aggressive agitators & durable pumps to ensure every unit will easily handle its requirements. Available with multiple spraying devices from electric hose reels, wide angle batter sprays and road blasters to remote controlled hydroseeding canons to enhance saftey & effiency. Major industrial units can be equipped with full in-cab or remote control increasing operator saftey & effiencey.


Overview: Enviro Culture Services are a landscaping and maintenance company, their services cover landscape construction, rehabilitation of environmental areas and maintenance of established landscapes.

Challenge: Enviro Culture Services needed a hydroseeder that could easily be taken off-road, their existing hydroseeder limited their ability access a lot of sites. They required a quality machine to go the distance and easily agitate heavy product to control batters and erosion without having to operate at maximum.

Solution: Major worked with Shannon from Enviro Culture Services to design and manufacture a Major hydroseeder tanker to be used for controlling erosion on motorway verges and seeding housing estates. The 2200-gallon tanker was designed in a trailed configuration for off-road purposes and equipped with the high performance Garda pump, hose reels and hydraulics required by Shannon.

Easy access and safety were top concerns so customising the tanker to minimise occupational hazards was important. The tanker was fitted with a manhole with a safety cage as well as a full-length platform with one-metre high sides, it also included a 1.5metre sliding gate for pallet access and a ladder with a spring return gate.

A remote-controlled hydroseeding canon with horizontal and vertical manoeuvrability was a key inclusion to minimise operator risk and the manpower required to operate the machine.

After using the machine for several months Shannon commented “I originally wanted a tanker that could spray grass three or four months of the year, “Now, I have a machine that can perform two or three other applications that we hadn’t considered doing. There’s so many opportunities for the tanker, anywhere from mining to commercial landscaping to environmental companies.”

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