HS-100 Hydroseeder – Turbo Turf

HS-100 Hydroseeder – Turbo Turf

The HS-100 is ideal for installing, repairing and renovating lawns, golf courses and parks. It is capable of handling much larger jobs. Material is applied at approximately 30 G.P.M. Time to spray a complete tank is about 3-4 minutes. Mixing time is 2-5 minutes depending on material. This unit comes with 30 metres of discharge hose. It will handle an extra 15 metres of hose. The spray distance with the straight nozzle is approximately 12 metres.


The Turbo Turf HS-100 Hydroseeder, is a 100 Gallon, skid type hydroseeder. It will seed 120 square metres per load. It is equipped with an 4 H. P. Honda engine that is directly coupled to a 2″ X 2″ high volume centrifugal pump. The unit comes with 30 metres of 1 1/4″ discharge hose, gun and three nozzles (1 wide hydroseeding nozzle, 1 straight distance nozzle, and 1 trim nozzle). The empty weight of the unit is 130 kgs. the loaded weight is 490 kgs. the physical dimensions are 1 x (W) 1.5 (L) x 1.07m (H). The size of the skid frame on this unit is 0.51 (W) x 1.48m (L). This unit will fit in the back of a compact pickup, or a utility vehicle such as the John Deere Gator. It can also be easily operated from a trailer.

Typically materials used in one load would be 13 kgs of paper based hydro seeding mulch or 18 kgs of pourable mulches such as Cover Grow or EZ Mulch AF, the appropriate amount of seed for 120 sqm. (any seed will work in hydroseeding), and the appropriate fertilizer for 120 sqm. (liquid, water soluble, or granular) and a small amount of tackifer. The HS-100 can not use wood mulches or wood/paper blends.Like all TURBO TURF systems the HS-100 comes equipped with a long life poly tank that can never rust, the ability to mix partial loads, a simple but powerful design with few moving parts, continuous agitation, and the ability to control the flow at the gun without making adjustments at the unit. Prices quoted are a complete machine ready to operate.

Features & Benefits

✓ Seed 120 sqm. per load

✓ Mix in minutes, spray a load in 20 minutes

✓ Simple operation, learn to run in minutes

✓ Full pressure control for great trimming.

✓ Reliable Honda engine

✓ Clean up in minutes at the end of the day.

✓ Few moving parts and low maintenance.

✓ Add a boom and use as a lawn sprayer

Optional Extras

The Turbo Turf HS-100 Hydroseeder can be equipped with a boom to use it as a lawn sprayer when you are not hydro seeding.

Booms are available in 1.8 metre spray pattern, 3 metre spray pattern and 4.9 metre spray pattern. Contact us for pricing.

The HS-100 can also be equipped with what we call a “Seed & Spray” option which is a hose reel and hose for spraying herbicides, insecticides and fertilizer.

Hose extensions are available upon request.

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Additional information


HS-100, HS-100-P




110 Gallons (415 litres)


4 H.P. Honda recoil start


2″x 2″ centrifugal with 180 GPM and 43 P.S.I


1m (W) x 1.5m (L) x 1.07m (H)


Tare 130kg, Loaded Weight 490kg

Hose Length

30 Metres

Appropriate Mulch

100% Paper & Pour-able Mulches