HM-400-T Hydroseeder – Turbo Turf

HM-400-T Hydroseeder – Turbo Turf

The Turbo Turf HM-400-T is designed to be an ideal machine for landscapers who want a mechanically agitated hydroseeding unit. It is one of the easiest to operate paddle agitated units on the market and can be run by one person. Although it is designed for landscapers it has the ability to spray the toughest erosion control materials such as 100% wood mulches, BFM’s and FGM’s such as Flexterra.


The Turbo Turf HM-400-T Hydroseeder has a 400 gallon capacity (1500 Litres) and comes with a 13 H.P. Honda engine as standard equipment coupled to a positive displacement Bowie gear pump. The drive is simple, reliable and easy to service when needed. Loading and mixing is fast and easy. The aggressive paddle agitation allows you to load full bales into the hydroseeding machine without the need to break them up.

The Turbo Turf HM-400-T  Hydroseeder comes standard with 30 metres of 1 /1/4″ I.D. semi rigid hose with free flow couplings. This hose is lighter and easier to handle than the hose on competitive machines and very kink resistant. It is a far better choice than the collapsible hose some competitive units offer. Collapsible hose must be fully unrolled to use and needs to be flushed clean to roll up to move to the next job. Hose holders mounted on the side of the tank provide a convenient and easy to use storage area.

The standard front platform serves many purposes. It is not designed as a place to stand but rather works as a staging area. When mixing it provides and easy to reach place to set mulch or seed. It greatly reduces the need to get up and down to get materials when you are mixing up a load. Should you chose to add the optional hose reel then the hose reel is mounted on that platform, the platform is predrilled to accept a hose reel should you decide to add one at a later time. It also serves to protect the engine and pump from the weather.

The poly tank is one of the best features of the HM-400-T hydroseeder. Because you never have to worry about the tank rusting clean up is faster and easier than any other units on the market.

Features & Benefits

✓ Seed 500Sqm per load.

✓ Long Life Poly Tank, No Rust & Light Tare Weight.

✓ More pressure control for great trimming.

✓ Molded in bale tray makes loading easy.

✓ Aggressive paddle agitation.

✓ Ability to handle the toughest erosion control materials inculding Flexterra.

✓ Few moving parts and low maintenance.

✓ Easy to run. Only one person required.

Optional Extras

Manual rewind hose reel that will hold 55 metres of 1 1/4 inch hose or 45 metres of 1 1/2″ hose.

Electric rewind hose reel that will hold 55 metres of 1 1/4 inch hose or 45 metres of 1 1/2″ hose.

Hydroseeding Canon Option.  It is ideal for seeding roadsides and large open areas.

50 gallon (190 Litre) flush tank allows you to clean the hose with water from the flush tank.

Hose extensions variable upon request.

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Additional information


HM-400-TE (Electric Start), HM-400-TR (Recoil Start)


400 Gallons (1500 Litres)




3 nozzles (1 wide, 1 medium and 1 straight nozzle)


13 H.P. Honda available with electric or recoil start


2300 series Bowie positive displacement gear pump


Tare 635kg, Loaded Weight 2100kg

Hose Length

30 Metres