HM-1000-HARV Hydroseeder – Turbo Turf

HM-1000-HARV Hydroseeder – Turbo Turf

Only Available as Skid Type The HM-1000-HARV, is a 1000 gallon hydroseeder with mechanical (paddle) agitation. It is available as both a skid type and a pull type system. It will seed 1200 square metres per load. It is equipped with an 27 H. P. Kohler Command Pro electric start engine, a hydraulically driven paddle agitation that is reversible and also has adjustable speed. It has a hydraulically driven reversible Bowie gear pump.


The Turbo Turf HM-1000-HARV Hydroseeder has a long life poly tank that eliminates rust and makes clean up quick and easy. The aggressive paddles allow It to mix heavy slurries of any hydro seeding materials including hard to use hydroseeding materials such as Bonded Fiber Matrix products (BFM’s), FGM’ such as Flexterra, 100% wood mulches and alternate daily covers. The poly tank allows much faster clean up and will eliminate the major problem with many mechanical units, “Rust”
The HARV will handle up to 180 kgs of paper mulch and up to 160 kgs of 100% virgin wood fiber mulch It will pump through 100 metres or more of hose. It is capable of self filling from a pond or a stream with the optional fill hose. Mixing is mechanical with an aggressive 16 paddle agitator. A major advantage of the unit is the poly tank. Poly tanks are totally rust resistant. One of the major problems with mechanical hydroseeding units or hydro mulching units is their susceptibility to rust. Even with a stainless steel tank rust is an issue and will start in the welds.
The HM-1000-HARV Hydroseeder comes with 30 metres of 1 1/2″ discharge hose with free flow couplings, a gun and three nozzles ( 1 wide hydro seeding nozzle, 1 straight distance nozzle, and 1 trim nozzle).
The HM-1000-HARV is ideal for doing residential and commercial seeding, roadside work, erosion control work, and any hydroseeding job Full bales can be loaded into the units. Mixing time is 2 – 20 minutes. Discharge distance with the straight nozzle is approximately 18 metres. The spray distance with an Area/Volume kit or the 2″ cannon) is 27 metres.

Features & Benefits
✓ Seeds 1200 sqm. per load.
✓ Platform and exclusive multi position gun standard. Do large areas faster Carry more supplies.
✓ Hydraulically powered positive displacement gear pump lets you use more hose than other units.
✓ Hydraulically powered paddle agitation, control both speed and direction hydraulically.
✓ 50 Gallon Flush tank. Clean up at the end of the day in two minutes.
✓ The HARV can self unplug most suction line clogs, an exclusive feature of HARV
✓ HARV is one of the best units for those who need to spray difficult hydroseeding materials such as BFM’s or Flexterra.

Optional Extras

Hose extensions available upon request.

Fill Hose, Gives you the ability to self fill from any water source.

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Additional information


1000 Gallons (3785 Litres)




27 H.P. Kohler Command Pro with electric start


Bowie positive displacement gear pump


2.24m (W) x 3.81m (L) x 3.18m (H)

Hose Length

30 Metres

Standard Equipment

Flush Tank, Electric Rewind Hose Reel, Full Width Platform, Platform Cannon

Appropriate Mulch

Paper, wood or blended mulch, BFM’s, Flexterra, ADC’s