Greentec LRS Quadsaw

Greentec LRS Quadsaw

The Greentec LRS Series Quadsaws are a very robust and efficient tool for maintaining orchards, windbreaks & vegetation both in the agriculture/forestry and residential sectors. Whether you are contracting, farming or managing a council fleet, the cutting speed and attach-and-go convenience of the Quadsaw will add value to your operation.

There’s a model for everyone from the compact LRS 1402 (1.4m) Quadsaw designed for Skid steers, compact tractors and small front-end-loaders, to the range topping LRS 4802 4.8 metre excavator mounted saw. These saws have a large cutting capacity ranging from 100mm on LRS 1402 to 210mm on the LRS 2401, 4002 & 4802. They offer a far superior travel speed at 5kph than the likes of a cutter bar while still achieving a perfect finish in both think and thin branches. Fitted with carbide tipped blade these machines are built for long life and minimal maintenance.

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Greentec Quadsaw Hedging Saw

LRS 1402 Quadsaw

The LRS 1402 is a small (only 48 kg) yet powerful greentec quadsaw trimming / pruning saw with four blades and a working width of 1.4 m. The quadsaw is very useful in multiple sectors such as, farming, municipal and private. The Quadsaw LRS 1402 is known for its perfect and clean cut of both thin and thick branches (up to 10 cm). Quadsaw LRS 1402 can advantageously be fitted on reach arms for compact tractor or the Multi Carrier HXF 2302 and HXF 2802 attachment frames for skid steer loaders, front end loaders, and compact tractors. Furthermore, the Quadsaw LRS 1402 can be mounted on mini excavators through a bracket on the arm.

LRS 1602 Quadsaw

The Quadsaw LRS 1602 is a very robust quadsaw with a working width of 1.6 m for use both in agriculture and in the municipal / private sector. Quadsaw LRS 1602 is very quiet, and can therefore be used advantageously in and around residential areas. The saw is characterized by a perfect clean cut, even at very thin twigs and branches up to 12 cm thickness. The quadsaw has a very high capacity with low power requirements. Quadsaw LRS 1602 can be attached to reach arms for tractors or Multi Carrier HXF 2802 for front end loaders.

LRS 2002 Quadsaw

The Quadsaw LRS 2002 is a new model based on 15 years of experience. The quadsaw leaves a perfect and clean cut and has a huge capacity. The quadsaw is mainly used in the agricultural and municipal sectors. Quadsaw LRS 2002 can be attached to reach arms for tractors or Multi Carrier HXF LRS 2002 for front end loaders, telescopic loaders, etc.

LRS 2402 Quadsaw

Greentec Quadsaw Trimming / Pruning Saw

The quadsaw LRS 2402 are the most powerful saw with a working width on 2.4 m. The circular saw are characterized by an enormous capacity and a perfectly clean cut of the branches. The quadsaw LRS 2402 are mainly used in agriculture and municipal sectors for hedge cutting and windbreak maintenance. Branches up to 21 cm are sawn off with a completely clean cut.

LRS 4002 & 4802 Quadsaw

Greentec Quadsaw Trimming / Pruning Saw

GreenTec presents the world’s largest saw with working width of either 4.0 or 4.8 m. The saw can be used for cutting branches and hedges in municipal areas or maintaining hedgerows in the agricultural areas. The saw can be mounted on larger backhoe loaders and excavators. It goes without saying that the capacity is huge.

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