• Jadan Big Bale Stacker

    FEATURES Adjustable drawbar height to suit different tractors Powder coated finish Will carry: 6 3x3 squares, 6 4x3 squares & 4 4x4 square Robust Simple Design Unique plastic covered tray to assist hay sliding on the bed built in australia to suit Australian conditions will pick up bales in any direction OPTIONAL EXTRAS Bale Counter Mud Guards Tail Lights Wet Bale Kit Mud Guards Wet Bale Kit

  • Jadan Small Bale Accumulator

    The Jadan Accumulator is designed to attached directly behind your small square baler, collecting 10 or 15 bales as they exit the bale chamber. When the bales have formed a neat pack, the tray then tips up and gently slides the bales onto the ground ready for collection. The Accumulator is ideal for any scale farmer or contractor baling small square bales. All the functions of the Accumulator are operated from the tractor cab, making it very simple and easy to use. Designed and manufactures in Australia, the Accumulator is made to withstand Australian conditions. There are two units available, one that collects 15 small square bales, or one that collects 10 small square bales. The 10 bale unit is ideal for longer bales (approximately 38 inches).

  • Jadan Small Bale Grab

    Ideal for any farmer, contractor or produce store handling small square bales. The Jadan Grab is designed to attach to your front end loader or fork lift, operating automatically to pick up and hold a pack of small square bales.

  • Jadan Verti-Stack

    The VertiStack will significantly reduce the time it takes to pack up large square bales. In return, labour and fuel costs are greatly reduced. Over the years Jadan has done different studies on the time it takes to pick bale in the field. The VerticStack from Jadan has cut the bale handling time to less than half over traditional accumulation methods. The neat stacks of bales make for faster handling. For the first time in industry history the loader operator does not come to a complete stop to pick up the stack of bales but merely slows down to grab the stack of bales with a standard big bale spear. Jadan has also designed a bale spear to complement the stacks of bales and is designed for the strength of hay loaders and telehandlers.

  • Kerfab – Telehandler Square Bale Fork

    The Telehandler Square Bale Fork's robust and safety inspired design is one of the reasons for its extreme popularity among farmers across Australia. Ideal for safely handling individual or multiple round or square bales, stacking hay is made easy with the Telehandler Square Bale Fork. An optional adjustable back allows for extra capacity, the easiest way to adjust the back is by utilising your quick hitch, otherwise a manual option is available.

  • Kerfab – Telehandler Square Bale Fork Adjustable

    The Telehandler Square Bale Fork allows for safe handling of individual or multiple round or square bales. This fork is fully adjustable and is ideal for stacking in sheds or hay stockpiles. To top it all off the telehandler square bale fork has manual and hydraulic adjustable back frames available. With adjustable fork tines you're sure to get the job done efficiently! The bale fork has the ability to have up to 5 fork tines on the attachment ensuring optimal use of your adjustable bale fork.

  • Kerfab – Tuskan Bale Clamp

    The Tuskan Bale Clamp is the ultimate in hay and silage handling equipment. The innovative design allows the operator to drop bales into a mixer from the safety and comfort of their seat - never having to lean over the mixer to cut the strings. The strings can be cut on the ground and the bale lifted and dropped with the strings already cut. This eliminates the need for an operator to lean over the mixer and reduces the potentially fatal risk of falling into the mixer. The Tuskan can be optioned with high back aprons, wool bale paddles, and Tuskan soft hands.

  • SilageMaster 200L – Silage Applicator

    UV stabilised chemical resistant polyethylene tank for long life 15 year tank warranty Galvanised steel frame 7.5L/min 60PSI 12V Pump Easily adjustable pressure regulator with gauge Wireless remote on/off switch for boom activation Simple to use Double nozzle boom covers 1m with non-drip nozzles - green nozzles Boom recommended to be used with regulator fitted for pressure adjustment

  • Fieldquip 3PL Bale Spear

    An effective way to move or stack hay bales is with these economical 3 Point Linkage Bale Spears for handling round bales up to 2000 lbs. The units feature a main tapered spear 42' long and 2 welded balance spears. They are designed for 25-45 HP tractors to efficiently move hay bales without a loader. In combination with a loader on the front, the operator's efficiency is greatly improved. The units are powder coated with a durable black paint to give lasting protective finish. Each unit fits both Standard and Quick Hitches. Download Brochure Product Specifications Product Video

  • Fieldquip 3PL Bale Unroller

    To maximize the utilization of your hay crop you can't just set the bale out in the middle of the field, you need to unroll it. 3 Point Linkage bale unrollers grasp the hay bale in the center of both sides, and turn on a central axis allowing the friction from the ground to 'grab' the hay and start unrolling the bale. The bale unroller simply connects to the back of your tractor and allows you to roll out your hay bales like a carpet, no pitchfork required. The 3 Point Linkage Hay Handler/Unroller is rated at 2000 lbs. for 25-45 HP tractors. The bales may be either 4'' or 5'' in width and up to 6'' in diameter. The hydraulic cylinder is included. The unit's arms are powder coated with a durable black paint, while the unit's body is available in major tractor colors to give lasting protective finish. The unit fits both Standard and Quick Hitches. Download Brochure