• Kerfab – Heavy Duty GP Bucket

    The Kerfab range of Heavy Duty GP Buckets are designed to fit loader sizes from 6 ton to 15 ton machine operating weight. Our Heavy Duty GP Buckets are engineered with high tensile steel and hardened Bissalloy welded cutting edges. Commonly used for handling gravel, fertilisers and rubble, these versatile bucket attachments can also handle other materials under 1600kg/m3 mass. Aside from common tasks, the bucket attachment can also be used for general clean-up applications. Choose from the options of bolt-on wear edges and teeth so you can prolong the life of your hardworking, heavy duty bucket.  

  • Kerfab – ITA Adjustable Pallet Fork

    The ITA adjustable pallet fork comes standard with ITA 1070mm long tines, and the option of 1220mm tines. A high back frame is also available. In addition to this the ITA adjustable pallet fork has a capacity of up to 5000kg. Compatible with telehandlers all you’ll need to do is to utilise the quick hitch compatibility on your machine and you’re ready to go. This attachment is part of Kerfab's fast-ship Go Range. Backed by their ironclad Go Guarantee, Go Range attachments are guaranteed to be dispatched from their warehouse within just 7 working days. What's more, you don't even have to pay for shipping; Go Range attachments come with 100% free standard shipping. It doesn't get better than that.

  • Kerfab – L Series 4 in 1 Bucket

    Our L Series 4 in 1 Bucket has been specially designed for increased performance while using the clamping function. The optional high tensile steel wear edges and teeth make grabbing rocks and logs, pulling out fence posts, lifting debris, grading, and levelling simple tasks. Compatible with skid steers and ag loaders, all that you need to do is utilise the quick hitch compatibility and you are ready to go.

  • Kerfab – Medium Duty High Dump Bucket

    Our High Dump Buckets are specially designed to gain extra height where lift of the machine is limited and improve lift and load cycle times. Complete with a hardened wear edge, rubber bump stops, hydraulic check control valve, self-lubing, replaceable pivot bushes for extra durability and reduced maintenance. This bucket will suit a range of applications from grain handling to waste management.

  • Kerfab – Rehandling Bucket

    A versatile bucket designed for use handling bulk loads of waste and recycling refuse and materials over 800kg/m3 density. Constructed from high tensile steel, the Rehandling Bucket comes with extra wear pads on the underside for longevity. This bucket is a versatile attachment that is built to last, it also comes with the option of a bolt on edge. The Rehandling Bucket is Quick Hitch compatible

  • Kerfab – Short Tine Scrub Grapple

    The Short Tine Scrub Grapple is a robust attachment, capable of working across a range of industries and applications. The short, strong tines and grab are ideal for forestry, waste handling, site clearance, and demolition. This attachment is designed for telehandlers and Ag Loaders and is quick hitch compatible.

  • Kerfab – Telehandler GP Bucket

    Specially designed with a hardened wear edge, the telehandler GP bucket is built for the tough jobs. Available with a bolt on edge option and the ability to be fitted to any telehandler hitch brackets, this classic bucket sure to make light work of cleaning up on building sites, handling rubble, sand and soil yards.This attachment is quick hitch compatible.

  • Kerfab – Telehandler Light Materials Bucket

    Our Telehandler Light Materials Buckets are built to withstand harsh punishment while offering maximum capacity. They are ideal for handling bulk amounts of grain, mulch, and other materials less than 800kg/m3 density. The large capacity of this bucket helps to increase efficiency and increase ROI. This attachment is quick hitch compatible

  • Kerfab – Telehandler Square Bale Fork

    The Telehandler Square Bale Fork's robust and safety inspired design is one of the reasons for its extreme popularity among farmers across Australia. Ideal for safely handling individual or multiple round or square bales, stacking hay is made easy with the Telehandler Square Bale Fork. An optional adjustable back allows for extra capacity, the easiest way to adjust the back is by utilising your quick hitch, otherwise a manual option is available.

  • Kerfab – Telehandler Square Bale Fork Adjustable

    The Telehandler Square Bale Fork allows for safe handling of individual or multiple round or square bales. This fork is fully adjustable and is ideal for stacking in sheds or hay stockpiles. To top it all off the telehandler square bale fork has manual and hydraulic adjustable back frames available. With adjustable fork tines you're sure to get the job done efficiently! The bale fork has the ability to have up to 5 fork tines on the attachment ensuring optimal use of your adjustable bale fork.

  • Kerfab – Tuskan Bale Clamp

    The Tuskan Bale Clamp is the ultimate in hay and silage handling equipment. The innovative design allows the operator to drop bales into a mixer from the safety and comfort of their seat - never having to lean over the mixer to cut the strings. The strings can be cut on the ground and the bale lifted and dropped with the strings already cut. This eliminates the need for an operator to lean over the mixer and reduces the potentially fatal risk of falling into the mixer. The Tuskan can be optioned with high back aprons, wool bale paddles, and Tuskan soft hands.

  • Fieldquip 3PL Bale Spear

    An effective way to move or stack hay bales is with these economical 3 Point Linkage Bale Spears for handling round bales up to 2000 lbs. The units feature a main tapered spear 42' long and 2 welded balance spears. They are designed for 25-45 HP tractors to efficiently move hay bales without a loader. In combination with a loader on the front, the operator's efficiency is greatly improved. The units are powder coated with a durable black paint to give lasting protective finish. Each unit fits both Standard and Quick Hitches. Download Brochure Product Specifications Product Video