Major Liquid Tankers

Major has over 40 years experience in manufacturing custom liquid tankers from hydroseeders to dust suppressors, as a result and through listening to their customers they have been able to engineer a world leading range of liquid tankers that stand out from the rest.   

What makes a Major Tanker different?
  • The drawbar and chassis are independent from the tank, unlike other tankers where the tank and chassis is one unit. The Major slurry tanker design prevents cracking and extends the life of the tank.
  • The dished ends on Major slurry tankers are 6mm steel and are robotically welded to strengthen the tank.
  • The main tank barrel is 6mm thick and sits on support plates. This helps ensure that the tank doesn’t crack.
  • High speed axles are fitted as standard on Major tanks and are certified to 100km/hr by the axle manufacturer.
  • Major have over 40 years’ experience in producing the highest quality agricultural and commercial tankers.
  • We have an extensive range of options to choose from on tyres, pumps, auto fillers, lights and more. 
Click on this video to see how Major helped Michael Canny handle his farms slurry more efficiently and safely.
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