Hydralada Elevating Work Platforms

Save Time & Money with Hydralada!

These all terrain machines are available in a range of models with varying lift heights to suit a variety of applications, from harvesting fruit & installing netting to building sheds & servicing centre pivot irrigators. Hydralada Elevating Work Platforms enable the operators to move safely & efficiently from one position to another on rough terrain while elevated. The reason so many people choose Hydralada cherry pickers is their proven reliability combined with minimal running costs.

Compact Models

These economical machines provide easy operation for most pip and stone fruit orchards with low-hanging branches and narrow spacing among trees and other vegetation. The 3 metre floor lift height of this sleek, low tailed model can move around without the risk of damaging branches or fruits.

Hi Lift Models

The 360 Hi Lift Model is the ideal pruning and picking platform for orchards. Having a cage lift height of 3.6 metres, the usage of this machine goes beyond harvesting and pruning medium sized trees to servicing netting structures and centre pivot irrigation systems.

Maxi Models

Known for being the favourite choice for avocado and mango orchards and in the industrial sector, the Maxi Models boast a platform height with a range of 4.4 to 16 metres. These machines are ideal for working in the most difficult and uneven terrain. The Maxi Models deliver stability, traction, optimal reach and excellent performance.


More and more orchardists are proving for themselves how efficient a Hydralada machine is by saving time when working the upper level of the tree. Whether pruning, thinning, tree training, or harvesting, a Hydralada has the potential to more than double the output of one person working from a conventional step ladder. It is also a far safer way to work at height and in some regions of the world, using mechanised elevating work platforms is endorsed as best practice. Generally, labour is one of the biggest costs on today’s orchard, second only to spray.

Cost Savings

A Hydralada machine can be one of the most utilised pieces of machinery on the farm, clocking up to an average of 1000 hours per year.
It isn’t difficult to do the sums and calculate that if one person on a machine performs the equivalent to two people on ladders, the savings are significant!
For example, if the hourly labour rate was $22.00/hour (varies), over a period of 1000 hours the machine would be saving $22000 every year—a very fast return on investment! The direct running cost of a Hydralada on a per hour basis is minimal, with fuel consumption as low as half a litre an hour (depending on application). Hydralada machines are renowned for their reliability, and maintenance requirements are minimal.

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